My Biography

Marcus Ardern was born in 1949 and brought up in Tauranga, New Zealand. He currently lives in Cairns, Australia and has been an itinerant Bible Teacher for over forty years.

He is well known across many denominations and has a message that salutes the whole church in its many forms. His style is normally to take a section of Scripture and explain its implications for today

He has been welcomed in both Protestant churches and Catholic situations. He does not try to draw people into any new movement but to flourish where they are and contribute to their local church outreach and work.

He has worked with mission organisations such as Youth with a Mission and Youth for Christ, World Evangelisation Crusades (WEC) and Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) and has spoken at National conferences for some of the major churches. He has also held Pastors days, Bible seminars and has spoken at seminaries and Bible Schools in various countries.

For a few years he lived in Amsterdam and visited and taught in Scandinavia, France, Germany, Denmark, the Middle East and the United States of America.

In the 1980s he travelled through the Soviet Union and later Japan to pray over these countries as he was led. He has also taught in Singapore in both Anglican and Presbyterian churches.

Marcus has also done radio broadcasting daily talks, and was a participant in the Video Bible College. The latter was originally used for training purposes across the many churches of Christian Outreach centres based in Australia.

Marcus has gone through a personal journey of doubt and disillusionment. At the crossroads, he tried to abandon his faith and return to the secular world.

In those dark hours, he faced painful questions and found answers and truths that now permeate the sermons he brings.

The result is a faith that has been held to the fire and saturated with life’s tough questions. It is a thought through faith in Christ for Salvation and practical advice in daily life.

He has a special love for the Book of Proverbs as it offers biblical, practical wisdom and advice on life.

At present, he has begun to take his first steps as a writer and hopes soon to become an author

He desires to go where he is led and welcomes invitations from all who desire to hear God’s Word.

His only request is that the churches that invite him do pay for his travel and accommodation during his time with them. He has no other charges and trusts in God to provide his daily bread.

Those wishing to book him for meetings will find contact details on this website.

His recorded material is free to copy and use